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Hornbill - The Festival of Festivals!


Bored and looking for a thrilling adventure?

Let us take you to Nagaland, the Land of Festivals where we celebrate the biggest event, the Hornbill festival which is also known as the ‘Festival of Festivals’. Here, you can taste the varieties of delicacies, listen to folklore, folk songs and witness fascinating folk dances depicting the history of our brave Naga warriors. Come and be a part of this rich tradition and culture that will make you feel at home, take you on a roller-coaster ride unlike any other ethnic display and fill your anticipation with rare cultural experiences.

Celebrating two decades of diverse culture and tradition, the festival has derived its’ name from the Hornbill bird for its’ colorful, unique beauty and the significance it holds in the folklores of the tribes, it serves as a representation for the multiple cultures where all the tribes in Nagaland come together to honor, display and enforce its’ numerous identities.  

A 10 days event filled with festivity at the Heritage Village, Kisama, Nagaland giving an extraordinary experience such as eating meals out of banana leaves containing exotic ingredients like fermented bamboo shoot, Axone (fermented soybean), bees, pork, beef, snails, drinking rice beer from bamboo cups and so much more, a guaranteed experience!

Observe or even sign up for chilling and exciting eating competitions varying from pork fats to the hottest Naga king chillis, or reconnect back with nature by taking a trip to Dziikou Valley where you’ll get to experience breath-taking and healing sights. Truly a walk with Nature! Or perhaps, experience the off-road rallies which also bring out the notable terrains of Nagaland.

You can also explore the unique and significant sights of Morungs that were used as educational institutions for young men and women during the early centuries or feast your eyes upon the exhibitions of radiant and bright-colored handloom attires, exquisite gears, tools, and ornaments. Additional stalls are also set up for tourists to take home pieces of Naga culture as a memento, varying from shawls and headgears to alluring necklaces, ornaments, and more.  

An extremely exceptional experience to witness is the Stone pulling where more than 600 men come together to pull a giant slab of stone. This is done in memory of the pioneers of faith and it symbolizes leaving behind conflict and rivalry and embracing forgiveness, friendship, peace, and reunion.

Visits to museums are also availed where historical items from World War II are displayed. There are also vivacious events concerning painting, photography, flower shows, and significantly more. Concerts are also hosted where prominent local figures from all over the state and even other international bands are invited to perform which is always a refreshing experience. It is proudly known as the Hornbill International Rock Festival and it marks its place as an exclusive event under the festival.

The festival also brings life to the practices of the Naga ancestors through admirable, awe-striking, and powerful performances by both men and women consisting of mighty war cries, songs sung during the sowing and reaping season, and an exhilarating visual display of the Naga games, where tourists are also invited to be a part of these action-packed events!  

Hornbill festival commemorates the years of unity and harmony among the different tribes and while it stands as a mirror to the Naga society, it also serves to promote and conserve its’ eccentric tradition and customs.


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