Kisama Heritage

The Village where time has stopped.

Kisama Heritage, the place where all the exciting traditions and unconventional sights are found in contrast to city life! It is a 12 km drive away from Kohima, arriving at a place where time seems to have traveled backward after you enter the traditional ‘Welcome’ gate.

The Heritage Village is an embodiment of the rich culture and tradition of the Naga’s which is built with the goal of preserving and displaying the authenticity as it portrays a Naga village in its true sense where it is left untouched by the contemporary world. Therefore, it serves as an exceptional and extraordinary experience, one you should not miss if your next destination is Kohima!

The Morungs in the Heritage has a stunning and rare architecture where in the early centuries were used as an educational institution for young men and women. Every tribe has its own Morung and although they appear to be identical, they have their own style embedded in them. A few of these Morungs also contain log drums where visitors can partake in the beating of drums.

 It served as a time to connect, acquire skills and learn of myths, legends, folklore, and folktales from the older generation. The oral tradition played a major and significant role for Naga’s as there was an absence of written scripture. Today, eager visitors can take a step back to Naga’s ancestral times by entering into these Morungs and admiring both its interior and outer designs.

In the complex of the Heritage, there are multiple structures of gates carved out by wood and bamboos which are also a striking sight for its details and skill in the craft. Under the heritage, is also a Museum located where the historical items from World War II are put out for display. There is also a section for gallery consisting of sensational paintings and pictures depicting in-depth meaning and significance.

It is also here where the famous Hornbill festival, the “Festival of Festivals”, is held every year during the month of December from dates 1-10. It was initiated by the State Government and has become one of the fastest-growing attractions which bring tourists from all over India, as well as from other countries, in just a period of 20 years. It is well known for its vibrant and extravagant events and activities.

Kisama Heritage

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