The Green Village of Asia

Khonoma was declared in 2005 as the First Green Village in the Asian continent after a project was taken up between 2003-2004. The village is estimated to be around 700 years old and is inhabited by the Angami tribe from Nagaland, comprising of three Khels (communities) who once followed the headhunting practices. However, with the arrival of education and Christianity, the village has abandoned its’ old ways and presently, it has become one of the most frequently visited villages by tourists for its appealing and breath-taking view of nature’s paradise of both flora and fauna with just 20 km drive away from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland.

Becoming an ever-growing travel destination for tourists, scholars, researchers, and adventure-seeking individuals to learn and explore the remarkable welcoming village, you get to experience the raw taste of nature with its gratifying visuals and clean air by going on outdoor activities like trekking, camping, and bird watching.

Khonoma village has banned the activities of hunting to preserve and protect its rich biodiversity in hopes for future generation to appreciate their home that is filled with so much life and diversity marking its pride in the success of conserving rare and endangered species of both plants and animals. The people of Khonoma are relentlessly hospitable as they also provide tourists with a traditional Naga homestay where they can experience the Naga lifestyle and taste the exotic Naga cuisines.

The Kuda forts are known as a “place of defense” where the villagers in the early years used it to warn the community of incoming threats or give out information. Just as there are three khels, there are also three Kuda forts which are maintained by each khel even to this day, situated at the top of hilly places in the village where tourists can access these forts and enjoy a picturesque view of the village.

With the practice of terrace farming, there are evidences of spectacular view of paddy fields and their undying, lush greenery. There are places which have significant stories of myths and legends, one of which is also the stone in the shape of an owl which is said to drive away evil spirits, located near the Village Community Kitchen and many other minor yet engaging tales which can be found in every nook and corner of the village.

Khonoma’s Green village enhances your connection and bond with Nature. Its breath-taking terrains, rich biodiversity which is left untainted by modernization can become your next escapade from the daily hustle and bustle of the busy city life!


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Dzuleke is located 10km away from Khonoma and 40km from Kohima. It is a land that perfectly defines serenity and tranquility. The land of Dzuleke is covered with lush greenery grabbing every visitor’s attention and heightening all the senses!

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