Mount Japfü

The hills above clouds

Get your trekking gears to take on the challenging terrains of Japfu Peak and witness the glorious views Japfu has to offer you! With an altitude of 3,048 m, Mount Japfü proudly stands as Nagaland’s second-highest peak which offers a sublime view of Kohima and her neighbouring areas. With its demanding, thrilling and exciting terrains, it draws travelers and adventurers from different parts of the country as well as foreigners to conquer the mountain.

To begin the trek towards the peak, tourists are first required to reach the picturesque Kigwema Village and pass through Japfu Christian College. The path to Japfü requires one to traverse through a steep and dense forest, taking almost 5 hours to reach the destination and another 5 hours or less to return to Kigwema.

Japfu Peak is also prominently well known for harbouring the tallest rhododendron tree in the world which stands at a height of 109 ft, which has been recorded to be approximately tall as a 9-story building. It has become famed for holding the Guinness World record for being the tallest rhododendron.



Mount Japfü

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