The hidden heaven of Nagaland!

Dzuleke is located 10km away from Khonoma and 40km from Kohima. It is a land that perfectly defines serenity and tranquility. The land of Dzuleke is covered with lush greenery grabbing every visitor’s attention and heightening all the senses!

The silent and raw hills, the fresh breath of breezy air, the calm flowing streams, the chirps of the innocent birds, the bisons grazing peacefully and the richness of Nature surrounds every corner of Dzuleke. Its surrounding areas are also covered with thick and dense forest which transports every traveler to a land endowed with Mother Nature’s true beauty, untainted and untouched by modernity. Most travelers that have visited this place have left with the impression of beauty etched into the heart as it portrays nature at its finest.

With a population of just a few 200 houses at the most, it is inhabited by the Angami’s who are part of Naga’s major tribes in the state. Along with the warm, welcoming people, there are cozy and beautiful wooden cottages found in and around the area as well, which are available for travelers to spend the night in or, even a vacation in Dzuleke's alluring getaway where fresh river food is also served to you!



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