Dzukou Valley

Dzükou Valley is famed for its spellbinding valley of floral greenery, the mesmerizing slope of Hills, captivating caves, the pure and gentle streams, and much more, hidden 30km south from Kohima with an altitude of 2,438.4 meters.

Take on this adventure of discovering Dzükou and her hidden gem of an enchanting natural environment with her seasonal flora and fauna. It is always an ideal time to visit any time of the year as the valley itself is magnificent all year long!

However, to be more specific, during the summer season one can witness the brilliant radiance of the green rolling hills, filled with different species of grass and bamboos with its breath-taking blue skies. There are different species of bright colored flowers as well, varying from pink, yellow, white, and much more but notably the endemic Lily Lilium chitrangadae which is a seasonal flower, blooming around the time of Monsoon and reaches the peak of its glorious beauty during the first two weeks of July. It is also known as the Dzükou Lily and is found only in Dzükou which fills the land with a stunning scenic view!

As popular as it is during summer, adventure-seeking lovers also visit during the winter season to unwind and discover Dzukou Valley's frozen beauty and sometimes to witness it covered in white snow as the temperature drops far lower than one would expect in such a tropical state.

Around the lower location of the hills, we also find a  good subtropical broadleaf forest along with the well-preserved bird species of Blyth’s Tragopan blythii and the Dark-rumped (also known as Khasi Hills Swift Apus acuticauda) which also makes its mark as a tourist attraction.

Dzükou valley is a place you should not miss out on discovering! It is well known and well-loved by locals from both Nagaland and Manipur and every year, there is an increase in the number of trekkers. The areas surrounding Dzükou herself is filled with immense beauty perfect for hiking!

Wondering where you can reach Dzükou from?

Trekkers can first arrive in Kohima, Nagaland.  Buses and sumo taxis are easily availed to reach Kohima, the nearest railway station to Kohima is in Dimapur. With difficulties finding taxis, you can always communicate with the people who are generally welcoming and ready to help in any way! or find a rental vehicle at

There are two possible ways of getting to Dzükou, one is the path from Jakhama (Zakhama) to Dzukou Valley (20 km from Kohima) which requires more tolerance and endurance for steep paths as it is more demanding and strenuous but takes less time. The other is the trek from Viswema to Dzukou Valley (25 km away from Kohima) where the path is more restrained but generally takes a much longer time to reach! The path from Viswema to Dzükou is generally recommended as it requires less strain. You can find a tour guide to Dzukou Valley or Package at

Things to keep in mind before your trek to Dzükou

Dzükou valley has proudly been declared as a plastic-free zone as of 2019 on World Environment Day, therefore, one is required to pay the security fee if you have any plastic bags tagging along with you. It is highly recommended that you use environment-friendly bags to keep nature safe as well as your money inside your pocket.

Want to spend a day or a few nights in Dzükou?

Houses are available for rent which provides an overview of the valley, containing two dorm-like rooms which cost Rupees 50 per head and along with that, five private rooms are also available which costs Rupees 300 per room. There are availability of VIP homes as well. However, you need to bring your own sleeping bags or mattresses. Breakfast and dinners are made available.

Want to experience the real escapade with Dzukou Valley? With your right gears, Dzükou is also a great place for camping after the payment for park entry is done. Dzükou is also rich for her stunning caves and it is in these natural caves that people camp the night in providing campers with an enriching experience but you can also camp outside the caves, which a lot of trekkers also decide to do so!

Dzukou Valley

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